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Malta is titled as one of the most advanced economy by International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Malta has become a hub for foreign investors. The key attributes of Maltese come from its well-designed taxation, skilled and multilingual workforce. Industries like IT, financial and tourism are well developed. To encourage more foreign investments, Government has designed different programs and schemes providing incentives or tax deductions for foreign entrepreneurs.  There are many financial and operational benefits associated with Malta company formation, and Maltese lawyers can be a great support in this process.

Malta company formation

Maltese law firms offer services in the corporate, commercial and financial fields. There are many full-fledged legislative firms in Malta which are not just restricted to company formation, but are also active in areas such as back office administration, tax compliance, accounting and audit. They make sure that you get the most tax-efficient structures by following the guidelines of Malta company tax law. Malta lawyerscan help you with the right choice of jurisdiction and other aspects related to company formation. One can expect delivering efficient higher value services at a competitive price. Law companies in Malta offer services such as banking assistance and book-keeping.

Lawyers in Malta are well versed with International practices and serve globally individuals as well as corporations. There are many law firms in Malts which collaborate on international projects with foreign law firms around the world. Most of the law firms here are multilingual, using fluently languages like Maltese, English, Italian, French and Russian.

Property law in Maltais also a field that has growth and includes buying, renting or developing any property in Malta. There are numerous Maltese lawyers who have experience in working closely with banks, architects and in-house management services. They help clients in drafting, negotiation on agreements and deeds on sale or purchase of a property in Malta. Lack of knowledge about Property law in Maltacan lead to several complications, and it is always safe to get things done by a reputed law firm. The legal procedures are for the most easy and straightforward, howeverthere are some complex legal challenges which need Maltese lawyers with expertise in this field to guide you properly. Legal firms in Malta have local market knowledge, experience and innovative strategies to ease complex issues. Whether your errand concerns a merger, acquisition, private equity, litigation, dispute resolution, corporate governance, labor or workforce issue,Maltese lawyers are happy to guide you so you can achieve your business goals.

Maltese lawyers are regulated by a Code of Ethics as it is in other European countries. The judging authority is the Committee for Advocates and Legal Procurator in Malta.

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