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1. Reserve Name with the Registry of Companies and obtain written confirmation

2. Obtain full due diligence in respect of:

  • Director/s (individuals or corporate)
  • Company Secretary/ies
  • Shareholder/s (individuals or corporate)
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner/s

3. Deposit the initial issued share capital of the company with GVZH or with the proposed bankers of the Company and obtain a copy of the bank credit advice / deposit slip together with a written confirmation that the relative deposit represents the initial capital for the company.

4. Obtain signatures on all incorporation documents including:

  • Company Application form (Mandatory)
  • Power of Attorney appointing a representative for the purpose of executing the
  • Company’s incorporation documents (If required)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (duly signed by the shareholder/s or
  • representative on the basis of Power of Attorney)
  • Directorship/Company Secretary Engagement Agreement (where relevant)
  • Accountancy Services Agreement (if required)
  • Undertaking letter
  • Form U (If required)
  • DDT Form (If required)

5. File the following with the Registry of Companies:

  • Name reservation confirmation
  • Deposit of capital confirmation
  • Signed Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Due diligence in respect of:
    a) Shareholder/s
    b) Director/s
    c) Company secretary/ies

6. Once the company is incorporated – proceed with opening of the company bank account.
This can be held in any jurisdiction and Malta bank accounts can be co-ordinated by
GVZH. All original due diligence must be received in order to be able to proceed with
bank account opening.

7. Comply with applicable registration requirements in Malta, including:

  • Tax Number
  • P.E. Number (if Company is to have any employees)
  • VAT number (if applicable)
  • Data Protection (if company is involved in processing personal data e.g. employees, customers)

By: GVZH Advocates

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