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Why does iGaming companies choose Malta?

The phenomenal rise of Malta as the premier Imaging hub in the globe has encouraged some of the biggest gaming companies to establish shops in the island. Malta has become the new home base due to the strategic confluence of the cultural, legal, technological and financial factors which were successfully molded by the past governments.  The most remarkable reason for the island experience tremendous growth in imaging is that the country has positioned itself as the most attractive financial services in the European Union. This feature creates a favorable fiscal system, to the imaging operators. The presence of a sound regulatory framework which is overseen by the lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA) strengthens the system and seeks to see mutual benefit among the players and operators. The authority is experienced, strong and organized giving knowledgeable advice to imaging companies which are moving to Malta on how to fulfill the license terms hence making the process smooth and effortless.

The strategic location of the location of the island at the center of the Mediterranean and the membership to the European Union makes Malta a suitable place for iGaming companies. The employees can raise families and advance their careers in the politically and economically stable country.  It is also a perfect tourist destination. Some of the companies operating in Malta include the Betsson Group, Tipco, Leovegas, AnnaBingo, ComeOn, Unibet and Betfair which comprise over 300 companies operating in Malta and another 200 gaming companies with operations overseas.

Malta is one of the first countries to set up regulations in this sector. It allows operators to pay one of the lowest taxes rates in Europe. iGaming in Malta also complies perfectly the regulations of the European Union. Another reason is that being a British colony in the past the island has developed a business friendly environment consisting of highly educated labor. English is one of the two official languages which is essential in terms of operations and recruitment. In addition, there are a lot of foreign nationals with IT expertise who are resourceful for various iGaming companies. The high level of trust by the companies is boosted by the political stability of the country. Similarly, Malta also hosts numerous events related to the iGaming industry. Lastly, the overhead costs such as rent are relatively lower in Malta compared to other European Union countries.

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