On 28 November, GANADO Advocates, together with Twenty-one Law and BCGL Advocates will be co-organising the 10th annual Employment Case Law Conference. The half-day event will take place at the Salini Resort in Salina Bay and will provide an overview of current developments in employment law with a particular focus on the Industrial Tribunal. The event is intended for HR professionals, employers and lawyers who would like to receive straightforward, direct and practical guidance on what to take away from the cases that were decided in 2017-2018. It will also present conference highlights over the past 10 years.

Dr Matthew Brincat, Partner leading the Employment practice at GANADO Advocates, will be one of the key speakers at the event and will discuss the key 2017-2018 decisions of the Industrial Tribunal and the Appeals there from as well as the most relevant employment law decisions of the European Court of Justice.