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Company name: Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates

Contact name: Malcolm Mifsud

Contact information

Address: 123, Melita Street, Valletta, Malta

City: Valletta

Tel. num: +356 27237172

Fax: +356 27237314



Areas of practice

  • Wills
  • Trusts Law
  • Tax Law
  • Shipping and Maritime
  • Real Estate
  • Products Liability Law
  • Road Traffic Law
  • Personal Injuries Law
  • Offshore Business
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Leases and Leasing Law
  • IT Law
  • Investments Law
  • Insurance Law
  • International Business
  • Intellectual Property
  • Immigration Law
  • General Litigation
  • Franchise and Franchising
  • Family Law
  • EU Law
  • Employment Law
  • Debt Collection
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Constitutional Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Banking Finance
  • Arbitration Law
  • Tenancy Law
  • Business Law
  • Tort Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Legal Aid
  • Insolvency Law
  • Sales Law
  • Compensation Law
  • Administrative


Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates

is a full service law firm serving clients in Malta and Catania. The firm also serves European, North American, North African and clients in Middle East. Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates was set up, by Dr. Malcolm Mifsud, a lawyer specialized in commercial and maritime law, together with his brother Dr. Cedric Mifsud, who specializes in Corporate and European Law.

Since its inception, due to its founders’ experience in other legal consultancy set ups, Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates has seen a swift expansion of its practice in a number of sectors; mainly the areas of financial services such as trading and holding corporate structures, trust services, tax advisory, shipping and EU regulatory compliance services.

The founders have also conserved and invested in the growth of other practice areas, mainly those related to advisory and litigation in various sectors such as family, civil and property law, competition law, commercial litigation and debt collection services. Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates, through the expertise of its founders and the rest of the team working for the firm, has become a boutique law firm offering specialized legal services in a number of areas for local and foreign, individual and corporate clients requiring a one stop shop in a number of specialized legal fields.

Languages: Italian, Maltese, English.

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