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International Investment Position of Malta

16 April 2016 As at the end of the year 2015, the Maltese economy recorded an increase of €0.94 billion in net International Investment Position (IIP) over the position prevailing as at December 2014. read more...

New Scheme Launched

8 June 2015 The Maltese Government has launched a new scheme through the Malta Investment Management Company and Malta Enterprise – Venture Capital Malta (VC-MT). read more...

Removal of Exchange Control Restrictions

25 May 2015 Aim: To increase the amount Maltese citizens can send or invest abroad in foreign currency; to provide greater flexibility for local trade to operate in foreign exchange. read more...

Dispatches Maltas Inspiring Gender Recognition Law

25 May 2015 The government passed a long-overdue progressive gender recognition law, heralding important gains on transgender and intersex rights. read more...

EU commission prepares legal challenge on Malta passport sales

25 May 2015 The European Commission is laying the groundwork for a legal challenge to Malta’s passport sale scheme despite red lines on national sovereignty. read more...

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